Reflecting on a Life Changing Decade

Wow! What a ride that was, a decade has whizzed by in a flash!

10 years ago I was working as the headmaster of a Primary School in Cardiff and stressed to my limit! My family life was full on and I was also developing a part time business to earn extra income to help cover my family’s ever increasing expenditure!

The one thing I wasn’t doing was taking care of myself. My life was a constant juggling act, trying to keep all the balls in the air! It was inevitable that soon I was going to drop one or two!!!

5 years ago my part time business allowed me to give up my stressful teaching job and I felt on top of the world! (We were actually in Las Vegas at a business event). Then like a true helter skelter ride I came flying back down at lightening speed. After years of self abuse (bad diet, little exercise and no rest) I had developed a serious heart condition which resulted in two operations and the insertion of 6 coronary stents.

It totally knocked me off my feet and suddenly Mr. Invincible had become Mr. Vulnerable overnight.

I became really depressed and was at a real low in my life. It just didn’t seem fair.

After 12 months of moping around I finally decided to make some changes and set some really tough goals.

  1. Lose some weight!
  2. Fuel myself with qualify food
  3. Get my thinking sorted
  4. Push on with my Business
  5. Create amazing memories

My health would be my new wealth.

I invested in a well-being coach and signed up with a personal trainer. It wasn’t cheap but I had been neglecting just how valuable health is for far too long!

This has been the best investment I have ever made. I lost weight (3st), became fitter that I have ever been and developed a new energy that has helped me massively in my part-time business. Our recent promotion would have been inconceivable with making these changes.

The one thing I have learned over the last decade is how much I appreciate my home. I’m not talking about my house. I’m referring to the amazing body we are all given to live in. After all it’s the only one we get!!

My challenge over the next decade to one of maintenance and growth and helping others achieve their own personal goals.

What small changes would you like to make over the next few years that your future self will thank you for?

Why do this? Because you are worth it. Make 2020 the decade you turn your life around!

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