Visualising your goals and dreams

I have spoken about Goal Setting in the past and shared my advice on how to set and stick to your goals. But, to expand on this complex topic I want to discuss the art of visualisation. By this I mean, imagining every part of your goal; how it will feel, smell, sound and taste when you achieve it.

This might seem like a strange concept but by digging deep into your psyche and visualising every aspect of your goal you will attach an emotion to the goal and it is this emotion that will drive you forward to success. This technique also allows you to get to the specifics, a key element to good goal setting practise. You’ll uncover the reasons behind your determination, and this again will help you stay on track.

Let’s say your dream is to own a large property for example. In order to begin visualising your goals to need to picture the house. What would it look like? Can you imagine how you’d decorate it?

Now delve a bit deeper and ask yourself why you dream of this specific thing?

Perhaps you dream of a big property so you can have friends and family round to socialise and stay?

If this is the case, build this picture. Imagine your closest friends with you at the property having a great time and enjoying each other’s company. Can you picture the conversations you’d be having? Can you hear laughter and sounds of joy?

Perhaps you have a great cook in the family or enjoy the occasional take away. Try to imagine the smell and taste of the food you’d all be sharing.

Try and hone in on exactly how it makes you feel being surrounded by your friends and family in the property you’ve worked so hard for.

Now you have built up that graphic imagery it is likely you will have a feeling inside you. Hold on to this because this is the important part.

By attaching emotions and feelings to your goal you allow yourself to believe it and these positive intentions are the perfect starting point on your way to achieving them. Furthermore, you now have the motivation and focus to push you forward even when you face challenges along the way.

It may take some time to reach the goal but if you make the effort to visualise it regularly you will stay on track.

This technique can work no matter what your end goal is you just need to be committed and zoom in on as many details as you possibly can and really focus on your 5 senses.

Don’t be afraid to dream big!

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