Reflecting on my team and leadership

When I started my side project along side my job as a head teacher, I never imagined it would grow to where it is today.

I now have a team of nearly 3000 working alongside me and in addition to daily work, I am able to spend time mentoring them, offering personal development opportunities and providing tips to grow their own businesses. This is the aspect of my job I enjoy the most as it’s so rewarding working closely with people and seeing them flourish.

My approach to leading a team has always been a relationship orientated one; encouraging creativity, sharing ideas and offering support. In our line of work, it is important to allow everyone’s individual personality to shine through and for people to find a style of working that suits them. We have open and regular communication and I welcome suggestions for improvement.

This happened recently and has proved transformative for our operation in Merthyr, South Wales. Mark, who has been with our business for just over a year now and is excelling in his field, suggested that we open a hub in his local area to raise awareness of the opportunities within our business. After much discussion and feedback from the rest of the team and leaders in that area, we held the launch of the Merythr Hub in the local market two weeks ago!

The hub itself looks brilliant with its unique wall paper and life size pop up of our fabulous brand ambassador, Joanna Lumley. It will be a place for our local leaders and teams to share what our business has to offer with the residents of Merthyr and the surrounding areas.

That’s what is great about this business. We work collaboratively, we aim high and we are rewarded for our success!

To find out more about the business, visit my website.

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