Dealing with Life’s Challenges

Dealing with life’s challenges – “ You might get the monkey off your back but the circus never leaves town”


Life is full of challenges its always been that way since the beginning of time! Will it get any easier is a question we often ask ourselves? My mentor describes life being like the seasons, Summer is followed by autumn, autumn is followed by winter and winter is followed by spring and spring takes us back to summer. If that’s the case you may be asking yourself how come it feels like I’ve just had 3 winters in a row! The fact remains, challenges are never far away. So how can we prepare for the ‘monkeys’ that often seem to weigh us down? We may get rid of one but another one soon swoops in from above.

Preparing for life’s challenges

The message I want to get across here is how do we prepare ourselves for life’s challenges. Last year several colleagues of mine went on a safari in South Africa to experience the amazing sights and sounds of animals in their natural environment. The landrover that drove them through the bush was designed to work in a tough environment. To ensure their safety the vehicle was carefully maintained to make sure the engine never overheated, the tyres were checked for possible slow punctures and the under carriage cleaned regularly to avoid the accumulation of muck.

Taking Care Of Ourselves

As humans we often take greater care of our vehicles than we do ourselves. How well do we look after our own engines? What type of fuel are we putting into our bodies? Do we take regular exercise to avoid the accumulation of muck (fats) in our system? It’s often when we ignore our own body maintenance that stress starts to accumulate until we physically or mentally break down. Breaking down in mid safari is never good news particularly when your vehicle is being lined up by a charging rhino or circled by a pack of inquisitive lions!

Creating Good Habits

Work challenges always seems to arrive at the most inconvenient time don’t they? How we can prepare ourselves for the inevitable challenges of life?  Changing a few habits to ensure that our vehicle are in tip top condition is crucial. What habits could we change today to ensure we get into great shape to deal with them? My mentor says it all starts with an apple. Consider a brisk walk to get the oxygen flow to our brains before the day starts. Small changes to our daily habits are easy to achieve. Getting your day off to a great start can make all the difference! Challenges are good for us. They strengthen our resolve and help us to improve and grow. Having a healthy body and mindset will allow us to take on the challenges that lay in wait for us. Remember, “You might get the monkey off your back but the circus never leaves town!”

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“You might get the monkey off your back but the circus never leaves town!”

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