Positive thinking. We are what we think!

The power of positive thinking in business and life.

Positive thinking

We are what we think! The importance of positive thinking in business and life.

Thinking positively is so important. It’s a proven fact that we are what we think! Our brains are the most powerful machines ever to be created and process over 70,000 thoughts/pictures every day. Many of these thoughts are processed by the subconscious mind as the conscious mind would never be able to cope! Therefore, depending on what we have programmed our minds to focus on will  determine what our minds will look for. As a consequence, if our focus is on negative things our mind will look for more negative things to reference.

A prime example of this is when we watch the news and read the newspapers. They all run with high drama and negative stories.  It’s no wonder our minds conclude that we live in a terrible world. However, when our minds focus on positive things opportunities become ‘more visual’ and the world looks like a better place. It’s a bit like programming a SAT NAV system. We set the destination and will often go a little off track but it always gets us to our destination. The subconscious mind is the same; it will help us find a route to those positive destinations we are seeking in our lives.


Our minds are very powerful!

Our minds are very powerful, positive thoughts actually make us ‘feel good!’ This is due to the chemical reactions that take place in our brian, when chemicals like ‘dopamine’, ‘endorphins’, and ‘serotonin’ are released. These can have a massive healing effect too. Consider the impact of the ‘placebo effect’. If you think a drug or activity is going to help you it probably will! If you don’t think it will help, you’re probably right too!

A story told by Native American Indians tell the tale of ‘The battle of White wolf and the black wolf’, good over evil. When the children enquire which one wins the chief tells them, ‘the one that you feed!’ Self talk is one of our biggest challenges in business. Often, success is all about how we choose to react to the things that happen to us. It’s worth noting here that a chemical reaction in  the brian lasts for 90 seconds. So rather than letting something that goes wrong consume our thinking for the rest of the day, count to 90 and decided a positive reaction.


Negative v Positive

I’m not very good at…. /  I can do this!

No one ever listens to me! / I’m a good listener!

Nothing ever good happens to me! / The more I practise, the luckier I get!


In summary, success is more likely to happen when we focus on positive thoughts rather than negative thoughts. concentrating on the things we can control rather than the things we can’t.  The impact you’ll have on people around you will be amazing if positive thinking becomes part of your daily routine. Remember that old saying’ ‘before you react, count to 10 (or 90!) . How you respond to things that happen around you will indeed start to shape your world.

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