A Real Winner Just Keeps Going!

Sergio Garcia’s win at this years Masters golf tournament has got to be one of the golden moments in sport. After his first Masters appearance 18 years ago he had failed to win a major tournament. Some said he was destined to remain the player who would always end up second or third but never champion. So what changed this weekend? Following an emotional interview with him he shared the fact that when things started to go wrong rather than beating himself up he simply kept calm and continued to play his game.
This business can be very much the same. When things start to go wrong or we aren’t able to get things moving we beat ourselves up. We tell ourselves that we will never win at ‘this game!’ We start to blame others (in his case the caddy always got a lot of stick!). Let’s take a lesson from Garcia. Keep calm continue to practice our skills. Keep taking the shots and making the appointments. Everyone is on a different journey from A-Z and a real winner just keeps going!

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