The struggle of a new born Iguana can be compared to starting a new business


Finding Life a bit of a Challenge? Do you feel like you’re constantly chasing your own tail or that someone is constantly chasing yours? Working for someone else can often leave us thinking I want something different. What about starting my own business?
It’s a fact that anything worth having is not easy to come by. If you are prepared to work for something and you have a driving ambition to succeed nothing will stop you. When starting a new business there will be times when you feel like you are frozen can’t move forward. There will be times when challenges will get in your way and hold you back. They will often come from the most unexpected sources. People will let you down, technical issues will occur, suppliers will let you down.  The secret is to take that leap of faith into the unknown knowing that your purpose and predetermined goals will drive you on.

That Iguana!
Consider the following video clip showing the plight of a newly hatched Iguana and it’s struggle to to survive (BBC Life on Earth). He has several choices but only one will save him. We are different from the animal world, we can decide to move in a different direction, however we can all learn from his determination! After all, wouldn’t you rather be chasing your own dreams and goals?

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